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Personalized, Gentle Care

Dental care should be gentle, personalized, and comfortable. Here at Digital Dentistry of Montana, we offer care that exceeds our patient’s expectations every time. We take great strides to create a welcoming and warm dental office to make you feel a part of our family. 

You can enjoy our relaxed and calming atmosphere while waiting for our dentist, Dr. Dave Dodrill to show you around our office and take you back to our comfortable and accommodating treatment rooms for your dental appointment. Our dental office is equipped to offer patients the latest innovations in dental care by offering dental lasers to repair teeth and treat gum disease. 

We truly believe that dental care doesn’t have to be traditional, with fewer options. We use dental lasers to repair teeth and treat gum disease, making for more efficient dental visits and a more streamlined experience overall. Our exceptional, compassionate care and use of our state-of-the-art dental technology keep patients coming back to our dental office and in good oral health. 

Experience how comfortable dentistry can be with a dentist who puts your care first.

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Laser Dentistry And Your Dental Appointment

The health, wellbeing, and comfort of our patients is our top priority and our dentist, Dr. Dodrill goes great lengths to ensure that is brought into every patient appointment. By offering laser dentistry, you can expect a decrease in discomfort, anxiety, and dental office visits with this modern, innovative, and overall more streamlined approach to dental care. 

Laser dentistry aids our dentist, Dr. Dodrill in treating tooth decay, gum disease, and even yellowing of the teeth. With a dentist trained and experienced in laser dentistry, your appointment will be one to look forward to from a dentist near you!

Your Health And Comfort Is Our Priority

Enjoyable, modern, and innovative dental visits from our very own compassionate dentist, Dr. Dodrill is what sets us apart. Unparalleled, personalized, and comprehensive care filled with advanced training and techniques is how we create exquisite smiles for every patient to enjoy. 

We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations from the moment you walk into our office. With laser dentistry and tailored treatment plans led by our board-certified dentist, we can treat virtually any dental concern you may have. 

It’s time you feel confident in your smile and wear one you enjoy!

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