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Advanced Dentistry, Advanced Smiles

Dr. Dave Dodrill remains at the forefront of advanced dental technology and has proudly integrated it into every patient appointment to create smiles with a personalized touch. With continued education and training, Dr. Dodrill has been able to provide patients with treatments that produce more reliable, positive results that can be completed more quickly with less pain and discomfort and minimal downtime. Dr. Dodrill’s extensive knowledge of cutting-edge techniques and technology has helped create functional, beautiful smiles here at Digital Dentistry of Montana. Dr. Dodrill can give you the benefits of his education while crafting smiles with some of the most advanced dental technology at his fingertips.

Our Advanced Dental Technologies

Laser dentistry may be our specialty but it isn’t the only form of advanced dental technology we use. Our Galileos 3D dental x-ray and cone beam computed technology (CBCT) radiographic system allow Dr. Dodrill to obtain high-quality images of your teeth to help evaluate your current oral health status and even determine their candidacy for in-depth treatments such as dental implants. While our dental microscope enhances the ability to diagnose and treat in a minimally invasive fashion as we can see 1000 times more with this technology than the naked eye, our Diagndent technology allows Dr. Dodrill to detect tooth decay earlier. Our CEREC machine can create crowns and veneers for our personalized treatments in just under an hour, eliminating the need to wear a temporary set altogether! We even offer KöR Whitening to safely whiten teeth with low-to-no tooth sensitivity. We can even correct bite concerns, including Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders, with our bite technology. Our Velscope allows Dr. Dodrill to visualize and assess abnormalities in the mucosal tissues of your lips, mouth, and upper throat in a matter of minutes without rinsing, stains, or discomfort. Our lab even allows for the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections that cause cavities with our CariFree tool. These advanced pieces of dental technology have helped drastically in the health and well-being of our patients, and we are proud to offer such cutting-edge technology to create smiles of a lifetime!
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Experience Comfort And Predictability

With the help of modern dentistry, you can experience advanced, comfortable, and elite dental care in either of our convenient location in Kalispell, MT. With the use of our dental technology, you can enjoy a more comfortable dental visit and better oral health overall. Our technology is used in every patient appointment, no matter your treatment, to ensure every piece of it is precise and predictable. Predictability is one of the most substantial benefits of dental technology. Predictable surgeries are virtually error-free and are so important because it allows us to foresee any potential bumps in the treatment plan so we can fix them before your surgery even begins! This also allows for shorter procedure times and even faster recoveries. Before Dr. Dodrill even begins your procedure, he will have any potential error already accounted for so your new smile is precise, unique, and dazzling as ever!

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