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Chipped, Cracked, or Missing Teeth?

Hearing or seeing that you’ve damaged your natural tooth is something you never want to hear. If you’re living with the pain and discomfort from chipped or cracked teeth, you may be thinking you’ll need many trips to the office and experience many uncomfortable treatments to restore your tooth. 

However, here at Digital Dentistry of Montana, we can get your tooth back in shape in just one visit! We offer customized dental crowns at both of our convenient location in Kalispell, MT and place them utilizing our same-day technology. 

With the artistic skill to craft a beautiful, healthy smile, Dr. Dave Dodrill can create your brand-new dental crown or dental bridge in just one appointment and restore your cracked, chipped, discolored, or worn-down tooth!

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Your Crown And Bridge Options

Tooth restoration options have come a long way with advanced, modern dental technology. Nowadays, your dental crowns and dental bridges are crafted to look, feel, and function like natural teeth and can be placed in as little as one visit! 

Your crown will be personalized to fit your unique smile’s goals and will be made from one or a mixture of various materials including porcelain, acrylic, and ceramic. While acrylic and ceramic crowns are known for their durability, any of these options will restore your tooth and supply a natural-looking finish. 

With our advanced technology, these tooth crowns will be made to match the color, texture, and contour of your adjoining teeth. These highly durable and long-lasting crowns can provide a fully restored smile for you to enjoy for decades to come!

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Could I Benefit From a Crown or Bridge?

One, Efficient Appointment

Dental crowns and dental bridges are a widely known tooth restoration option for many experiencing chipped, cracked, failing or even discolored teeth. Now, these tooth caps are being placed in just one visit, sometimes the very same appointment thanks to our in-house dental lab and the skill of Dr. Dodrill. 

Your crown or dental bridge can be made and placed in just one appointment and you will feel good enough to return to work or your daily routine right after! Traditionally, many patients in need of a crown or bridge would receive a temporary restoration while their permanent one was designed. This requires more dental visits and the removal of the temporary restoration. Your temporary restoration will also require adhesives to stay in place and have proved not to be as durable as your permanent crown or dental bridge, leading it to fall out or fail to fit correctly. 

With Digital Dentistry of Montana, we skip the temporary portion altogether to provide you with your permanent solution now. Being able to place your permanent crown or bridge right away ensures that we handle your dental concern with urgency so you don’t have to go another day feeling pain and discomfort or be without a complete, healthy, beautiful smile ever again!

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