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Brighten Your Smile And Boost Your Confidence

Do you have dull or stained teeth? Do you find yourself feeling embarrassed by how dull or stained they look? If so, have you tried drugstore whitening products that didn’t seem to help? 

Here at The Digital Dentistry of Montana, we have the solution to your dental woes! Our custom, professional-grade KöR® teeth whitening systems can help you achieve the smile you want in just a matter of treatments! No matter how many stains or discolored teeth you’re up against, we can help you achieve the pearly white smile you’re after without any hassle or discomfort. 

If the color of your teeth is not ideal, choosing our teeth whitening services at either of our convenient location in Kalispell, MT will provide you with a smile you love with lasting oral health benefits!

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Why KöR Is The Preferred Choice In Teeth Whitening

The active ingredient when it comes to effectively whitening teeth is hydrogen peroxide. By breaking down into water and oxygen, hydrogen peroxide removes stains from the surface of your teeth. 

Many over the counter teeth whitening options only contain 3-4% of hydrogen peroxide, while professional options contain 25-40% of hydrogen peroxide. The clinical-strength bleaching agents of our KöR teeth whitening system here at Digital Dentistry of Montana are far more effective and safer than OTC teeth whitening products. 

Our KöR teeth whitening system delivers immediate and dramatic results in as little as one hour and are long-lasting. The unique thing about KöR is that our patients can receive these professional-grade results in-office or at-home. 

KöR whitening systems are so effective, they can brighten your teeth up to 16 shades and can last a lifetime if taken care of properly. With our KöR whitening systems, it’s simpler than ever to achieve your brightest smile!

Benefits of Teeth Whitening From The Professionals

Who Is A Candidate For Teeth Whitening?

While we recommend having a consultation with Dr. Dodrill before pursuing our teeth whitening services, discoloration in your teeth may make you just the candidate. The best teeth whitening results are for candidates that have healthy teeth and gums to begin with. However, if you have dental implants or a restored smile, you are also a considerably great candidate. 

If you feel embarrassed to smile due to sticky, discolored stains on your teeth from coffee, red wine, or even tobacco use, our whitening services can tackle your dental concern and create those dazzling pearly whites you’ve been after!

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