The Comprehensive Guide to Having a Crown on a Front Tooth

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Our front teeth play a substantial role in our daily lives, from helping us with speech to creating an impactful first impression. But what happens if your front tooth gets damaged? Worry not, because dental crowns are becoming an increasingly popular solution for good reasons. Please read if you’re contemplating getting a crown on your front tooth.


Understanding Dental Crowns and Their Purpose

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped, often natural-looking dental prosthetics installed over your natural tooth. They restore a tooth’s shape, size, strength, or appearance—no wonder many people opt to have them!

They come in various materials, like gold, ceramic, and porcelain, chosen according to the patient’s requirements and preferences. In front teeth cases, tooth-colored crowns are generally preferred due to aesthetic considerations.


The Role of the Front Tooth in Your Smile

Your front teeth help you bite and chew, significantly influencing your smile, speech, and more. A damaged front tooth can adversely affect these functions and how you look. It can cause discomfort, misalignment, and even more severe dental issues without treatment.


Crown on a Front Tooth: The Procedure and Results

The procedure for having a crown on the front tooth is precise and takes place over two dental appointments. During the first visit, your dentist prepares your tooth by removing decay and reshaping it to fit the crown. Afterward, an impression is taken of your tooth and sent to a dental lab, where the permanent crown is created. During the second visit, the permanent crown is cemented onto your tooth.

Upon completion, you’re sure to notice an enormous difference. Your front tooth will look natural and give the appearance of a healthy, complete smile.


Make Your Smile Shine with a Crown on Your Front Tooth from Digital Dentistry of Montana

We understand the importance of your perfect smile. Our crown procedure is dedicated to ensuring you the best possible results. We help restore smiles and promote good oral health using state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Everyone deserves a perfectly aligned and radiant smile. If you’re considering a dental crown for your front tooth, don’t hesitate to contact a dentist. We’re more than happy to answer your questions or schedule a consultation. Contact Dr. Dodrill and our exceptional team at our practice to schedule an appointment today!

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